Back Up Camera

If you've looked at our online materials and area ready to discuss specifics, we'd love to hear from you.

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Air Horns

ACDV can install a wide range of accessories to improve the comfort and functionality of your vehicle.  Security, lighting, storage, power, audio, video, and much more.  We take great pride in making  your vehicle one of a kind, to suit your unique set of needs. If...

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Power Stop – 80 AMP

Using a bimetal, snap acting disc as the sensing and actuating element, the Klixon series thermal circuit breakers provide trouble–free over current protection for harsh environments.

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200 AMP Solenoid

Superior silver tungsten carbide contacts. Normally open contacts, SPST, one circuit, off - on. Housing, plated steel. Studs, copper 5/16-Inch -24 thread, hex nuts and lock washers included. Coil, ignition and ground terminals, steel 10-32 thread, hex nuts and lock...

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15 AMP Shoreline

Brass plug blades and connector contacts for maximum conductivity. Limited two year warranty. Connector specially constructed so that exposure to weather will not interfere with its operation. Aluminum cover prevents dust and debris from gathering inside the plug. UL...

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