(Atlanta, GA) American Custom Design Vehicles (ACDV) announced today several new product enhancements that are now standard in all new Matco 20 ft. and 22 ft. stores that are produced going forward. In response to collective input from distributors that operate ACDV vehicles and feedback from Matco field staff ACDV is pleased to offer new features.

Commencing May 1, 2017, ACDV will be extending the bottom shelves flush up against the carpeted walls. The company has upgraded its wood shelves to Radiata Pine, which is both lighter and sturdier. All under panels are now white, in order to better disperse lighting onto the products on the shelves. ACDV has also now switched to extra heavy duty metal finger latches on all cabinet drawers. The new latches are more durable and secure.

Thank you to all Matco Distributors and management who offered feedback on our product. We look forward to continued improvements every quarter, which come from valuable input from our customers and partners at Matco.

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